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Schleswig-Holstein, the German State has issued 5 new internet gambling licenses for five gambling operators. This action indicated the province’s intention to respect the current law for internet gambling. These five licenses were awarded to gambling operators who can be described as the biggest names in the industry. One of the biggest names in these 5 operators is Ladbrokes; the list also included 888 Holdings, Cashpoint Malta and 2x licenses for Admiral Sportswetten for its 2 brands.

These licenses would allow the above mentioned names including Ladbrokes to operate legally in the state of Schleswig-Holstein for six years until the 26th of August of 2018. These licenses are going to be valid even if the state decided to go back to its old laws by joining the internet gambling treaty with other states of Germany who apply much stricter online gaming internet gambling laws.

There are more than twenty two gambling operator who are waiting in line for an internet gambling license from the state of Schleswig-Holstein. The list of operators includes big names such as has submitted a legal lawsuit against the govt. of the state of Schleswig-Holstein charging the state that it is delaying the license intentionally. According to the current laws related to internet gambling, all forms of internet gambling are deemed legal in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. This is a direct result to the legislation that was proposed and adopted by the previous govt. of the province in 2011.